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Wood Plank Porcelain Tile   

Porcelain tiles with the life like appearance of actual "wood planks" have become very popular, largely due to their low maintenance and stain-proof characteristic, especially when compared to real wood and they never need to be sanded and re-finished, making them and idel choice. 

Glass Mosaic

Glass tile is beautiful and offers a unique visual appeal, with an abundance of colors and shapes to choose from, your design options are limitless.Glass reflects light, making its space appear brighter and oftentimes, larger. The translucency of glass is unlike any other surface material. The beautiful color you chose will show all the way through the tile, providing an additional sense of depth and dimension.

Quartz Slabs

Quartz surfaces are a blend of nature and technology, resulting in easy care and color consistency. Quartz brings an elegant and contemporary look to any space and is low maintenance compared to natural stone.


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